[mythtv-users] RE: Pixelview BT878P+

Tony Harmelink Ace at Acescrypt.us
Fri Jul 9 22:51:43 EDT 2004

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> >
> > I had trouble with sound also.  Which card are you using? (72 or 70 or
> > 37) can you get any other audio sounds out of your computer?
> > If you plug your speakers into the tv card instead of the computer do you
> > gget any sound?
> >
> > If you get regular audio through your computer and sound out of the back
> > of the capture card you have to play with alsa mixer to get it to work. 
> > Make sure your linein or mic line is not muted and volume is up.  (also
> > set the capture using space bar to the correct input)
> >
> > If that still doesn't work I have a hacked bttvcards file that will fixed
> > it for
> > me.
> I am using card 72.
> I can get music from xmms and MythMusic
> i get VERY faint sound from the back of the card after going through a
> inline amp pumped to the max.

Besides sound problems the video is not smooth in the least bit at full 
screen.  It's like 4-6 frames per second recorded or live, but the recorded 
preview comes out smooth and if i play a divx movie with mythmovie fullscreen 
it comes out great, and i get sound on it.

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