[mythtv-users] making mythtv tiny.

Tony Harmelink Ace at Acescrypt.us
Fri Jul 9 19:38:21 EDT 2004

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On Friday 09 July 2004 18:28, bishop wrote:
> Hey Jack,
> Wasn't there a hack that ran mythfrontend instead of a proper WM under
> K?  If you can find that, you may get a list of bits that are no longer
> required for running a dedicated myth box.  (what's all that other stuff
> for, when it's just there to auto-run MFE anyway? 8-)
> GLuck, and thsoe of us looking to put tiny backend/frontend boxes
> together for family would probably like a CC on any news.
>   - bish
> Jack Burghardt wrote:
> > Was anyone thinking about creating tiny mythtv distibution? My dish
> > network dvr has some of recording portion of mythtv done in 4mb of flash,
> > but I am not talking about that small. There are few distributions based
> > on uClib now debian, crux and gento. My question is is it posible to
> > compile qt or qt-enabled to work with Xwindows and compile mythtv and the
> > create iso without any development tools.
> > Will all the neccessary library compile on uClib?
> >
> >
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Not sure if it's too related but you mighht want to look at MiniMyth at   
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