[mythtv-users] Quality of recordings degraded

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Fri Jul 9 15:56:18 EDT 2004

On Friday 09 July 2004 08:17, Tony Maro wrote:
> > It occasionally works, but it's such a PITA to run it, then go to LiveTV
> > and check *both* cards picture quality; repeat ad nauseum until *maybe*
> > one iteration solves the problem.  It's easier just to cycle power.
> My 1 1/2 year old often cycles the power for me, so I never have to.
> I wish I'd never bought that black case with the glowy blue circle
> around the power button now - her eyes are drawn straight to it!

I don't know how, but with ACPI you reportedly can program the power button to 
do a proper shutdown instead of a powercut.  Maybe worth checking out for 
you ? I guess you could maybe even disable the powerbutton completely using 
ACPI but then you have to figure out how to power down the box, but the power 
cord seems a safe choice. And disconnecting the powerbutton wire will do the 
same...   ;-)
My mythbox (a lot of mythboxes, I'd wager) is on 24h/7 anyway. I try to keep 
the powerusage and noise down but the automatic shutdown and wake just seemed 
way too complex (not to mention error-prone) to me to implement here.

> Thank goodness for ext3!

Hehe, yeah.  Imagine how long an fsck on a 160 GB ext2 disk would take.  
That's like, more than an entire evening.  The biggest disk I steered through 
an e2fsck was 40GB or so, and that took fully 2 or 3 hours.
But I use Reiserfs and/or XFS instead of ext3.


Linux: Because rebooting is for adding hardware.

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