[mythtv-users] Any progress on Internet radio & Myth?

Jesper Rasmussen jr at d6.dk
Fri Jul 9 08:27:51 EDT 2004

Both have there advantages. I originally wanted to do as you describe, 
but had a problem (can't remember what), so i did this instead.

However I have come to like having radio playing while I browse pictures.

I like it so mucht, I want it in myth music aswell. However the only way 
i have found is to start a mythmusic in another desktop, and switch 
between the two.

Alan Snyder wrote:

> --- Jesper Rasmussen <jr at d6.dk> wrote:
>>killall mplayer
>>/usr/bin/mplayer -menu -cache 4
>>http://drlive.dr.dk/e07ch1kb64/.wma &
> Note that some stations require -playlist.
> The need for a Radio Off menu entry is a nuisance,
> though it lets you exit the menu while allowing
> the radio to play.  On my remote, I have the STOP
> key send Esc to myth and also kill mplayer through
> irexec.
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