[mythtv-users] Controlling the overscan on a PVR350

Michael Petres michael221 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 18:27:10 EDT 2004


I am using a PVR350 and output X to the tv as well using the ivtvdev X 
driver. I would like to reduce the amount of overscan that X window is using 
itself. I know how to set overscan amount inside myth but no values there 
help me with the issues of excessive overscan, i.e. some stuff is hanging 
off the left/right side of the screen. In all I am loosing way too many 
pixels for overscan, more than 50 horizontally...

In the XF86Config-4 file the X-Screen size is set to 720x480, but I see no 
setting for the overscan amount.

Is this an issue for the IVTV folks perhaps? Any help is appreciated.


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