[mythtv-users] PVR350/TVOUT Over-sized on Sony 61" TV

Ijaaz A. Ullah ijaaz at digitalmethods.com
Thu Jul 8 16:29:12 EDT 2004

Don't you just need to tweak your modeline to fix that?

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I think this is an issue with my tv to be honest but there is nothing in
it to correct for this problem.  It's only slightly larger than the tv
rear-projection screen so on the sides and bottom some gets chopped off. 
I especially notice it when i display the current program information when
watching live tv or a recording.

Is there anything i can change in the ivtv drivers on the pvr350 or in
mythtv config to make the video sent out to the /dev/video16 mpeg decoder
device that would adjust it so it would be inside the screensize.  None of
the video out settings in mythtv have any effect.  I think this is because
it's not using mplayer for the output and it's just dumping the mpeg
output directly to the mpeg decoder to display it.  I had to majorily
adjust the GUI size settings in mythtv to make the gui fit when outputted
in X11 to the TV-OUT.


David Erickson, CCSA
erickson at mddsg.com
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