[mythtv-users] XBox MythTV still able to play XBox games?

Howd, Walt whowd at truman.edu
Thu Jul 8 15:16:23 EDT 2004

Xebian / Xbox Myth gives you two install options. One you can install as
image file on your existing E: partition. The second is to have it
automatically use the remaining space on your drive, the F: partition. I
believe this option overwrites and formats the partition.

What I did, since I use the F: partition to store games, is install to
the image file on the e:. Once its installed you can use a Xebian boot
CD to start linux up, or you can copy the contents of the cd to your
drive and add a item to your dashboard (avalaunch, evox, etc) to start
it manually.  This is what I did. So when I start my Xbox it loads Evox,
and my first choice is MythTV, or I can launch any of my games. 

Also FYI, I have a v.1.0 console, and I soldered the motherboard to
flash the TSOP with an Xecuter bios.


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