[mythtv-users] MythNews - news about myth ;-)

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 14:44:27 EDT 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 13:49, David Muench wrote:
> > On Thursday 08 July 2004 01:19 pm, David Muench wrote:
> >
> > It says it uses cvs2cl, which grabs the entire change history for
> > every file,
> > every time, IIRC.
> >
> > The whole thing's redundant, what with the mythtv-commits mailing
> > list and all.  Why not just convert that to a feed?
> >
> > Isaac
> It does, but it's out of my local copy of the tree. It also only
> processes it twice a day.
> You'll get no argument for me that it's inefficient, but at least
> it's inefficiencies are mostly contained to my server.

AFAIK, this is not true... when you do a 'cvs checkout', it only fetches 
down a particular version of the file(s).  The history/changelog 
information remains in the RCS control file in the repository, which is 
still on mythtv.org.... and 'cvs history' is a rather expensive 
operation.  To do what you're suggesting and use your bandwith, you'd 
still need to mirror the mythtv.org *repository* on a daily basis.


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