[mythtv-users] Decoder problems during playback

Stephen Atkins atkinss at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 7 17:14:01 EDT 2004

Glad to see I'm not the only one falling behind on my programming work.  At
least yours won't cost you your job!  Thanks for the advise.


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Stephen Atkins wrote:

>I just happened accross this problem while showing my wife how to use the
>system.  I recorded one of her soaps and I was fast forwarding (only at 2x) and
>when I pressed the play key which should then pause the playback it stopped
>responding.  In the frontend log it was displaying "Waited to long for decoder
>to pause."  I'm running the release .15 version.  I've also got it running on a
>2500+ Athlon XP with 512 Megs and 30 gigs HD (about 24 gig free).  I'm almost
>sure its not a hard ware issue.  I was not recording anything (the program was
>recorded earlier in the day) and nothing but myth/mysql is running on that box.
>Just wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening and if it has been
>fixed.  I looked through gossamer but couldn't find anything recent on this

This is a known issue.  It's been on my todo list to track down for a
while but I've not really looked into it.  A really simple work around
is to bind the play button on your remote to the PLAY key within Myth.
Going from FFWD / REW to Play doesn't have this issue.  By default PLAY
doesn't have a keybinding so you'll need to set one up with MythWeb or
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