[mythtv-users] CPU power for digital tuners

Dylan Egan dylan.egan at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 7 09:17:40 EDT 2004


Im looking to build a quiet nice digital TV server, currently got 1 
card, 2000+ XP and 512 RAM.

Now if im looking at at least 3 cards, what should my CPU and RAM be to 
match? This is for recording and streaming, no playback on this machine. 
It will only have mythtv running on it, nothing else. Mythweb will be 
running on the other server.

I currently just record normal SDTV, if I were to start HDTV what should 
I be looking at? And is it best to compile XvMC support on an FX5200 for 
HDTV playback? Or is MythTVs HDTV support a bit sloppy at the moment? I 
ran kaxtv and it runs alright, but trying the same channel on myth it 
just is slow.


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