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Clint Gilders techservices at onlinehobbyist.com
Wed Jul 7 07:53:14 EDT 2004

Jeff wrote:
> Got a digital TV question.
> I'm in Ontario and I'm getting satellite at my new place.  I'll be 
> moving there in a couple of weeks.  I was going to get TV from Bell 
> ExpressView, but I was doing my research and those recievers don't have 
> any inputs so that they can talk to a computer.  Does anyone have any 
> experience with Bell?  I know they suck for service, is StarChoice any 
> better?  What inputs should I be looking for in a digital reciever?  Is 
> there a reciever that is known to work with Myth?

I use StarChoice and control the receiver with a little IR transmitter I 
made with an LED from an old StarChoice remote and some parts my wife 
brought from work (you can get them all at radio shack too).

I also followed this guide: 
inorder to have two instances of LIRC running.  One for the remote that 
came with the PVR 250 and one for the transmitter.

You can get an lircd.conf file for the starchoice receiver here:
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