[mythtv-users] Re: EFF calls for developers for MythTV

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Jul 6 05:04:47 EDT 2004

Francois Gouget wrote:

> * Improving and debugging the ivtv drivers would help a lot. For me
>that was the hardest part to set up. In particular I was unable to guess
>what to specify for the tuner field and only succeeded after reverting
>to 0.1.10-pre2-ck64f and copy/pasting the settings of a fellow French
> * Simplifying the ivtv driver setup would help a lot too. For my
>PVR-350 there are 6 modules involved and I need to specify the TV
>standard 4 times, sometimes claiming it is SECAM, sometimes claiming it
>is PAL! I also have to specify my tuner type twice. And after that I
>still need to run commands to set the standard to SECAM!
You'll love the next version :)

No options entries in /etc/modprobe.conf for most people

Just 'modprobe ivtv-fb' and it autoloads the rest

Chris and Hans are doing some good work.

If you (or anyone else) has this kind of problem maybe you should find 
an afternoon when you can be without myth and try the latest drivers to 
make sure they work for you?

(nb they don't work with Myth yet so don't expect that)


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