[mythtv-users] Re:mythrecipe web interface

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Jul 5 23:10:29 EDT 2004

> Here is the link to MythRecipe and others. I'm using it and it works pretty good. Still needs some small things ironed out. I haven't compiled the latest version yet. Mine is from 4 days ago. They seem to be improving it more each time a new version comes out. 
>  http://mythextra.napsi.net/mythRecipe.html

Do you happen to know if this works with a specific web interface, or if 
it's internal to mythrecipe?  All this seems to do is screen scrape 
recipes, which is imho not a good idea (copyright violations aside, it 
pisses off webmasters).

Anyway, this basically tells me what I want to know.  I was hoping that 
the mythrecipe people would integrate their database stuff with 
something like http://phprecipebook.sf.net and use an existing 
"standard" instead of creating a new format.


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