[mythtv-users] problem with failed deps with thac's 0.15.1

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Mon Jul 5 19:03:27 EDT 2004

Trying to install 0.15.1 using Thac's rpm's on MDK10 Official.

Using urpmi didn't work out so I manually downloaded all the rpm's from 
Thac's site and manually installed any rpm's for missing dependencies 

I am now trying to install the last 6 or so rpm's

mythmusic, mythgame, etc

# rpm -ivh mythmusic-0.15.1-1plf.i586.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:	/usr/share/mythtv/build/settings.pro is needed by 

I get this error for all the last few packages, I've installed everything 
else, frontend, backend etc, but can't find the settings.pro file. I did a 
search in the archives but that error does not show up with a search using 
thac or mandrake.

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