[mythtv-users] We don't need no stinking surveys!

bishop bishop at platypus.bc.ca
Mon Jul 5 17:59:49 EDT 2004


Random question.  Have we figured a method through which mythtv itself 
can do the survey stuff, or do we still need a separate net machine? 
I'm thinking if we can encapsulate all that in the one box, the MAF will 
go up (Mom-approval factor, for when I install one of these things in 
her house).

Mind you, my mom's not the stereotypical case here, but you get the 
idea, even if it's still a fringe thing.  Maybe, when Mesh stuff takes 
off a bit more, and there is some kinda valid caching going on, folks n 
the same town can be getting their standard guide info from a local 
source but still should submit survey info to z2i.

Hmm.  I think I crossed a few discussions there.

  - bish

Corey Woodworth wrote:
> I agree, and I've got no problem with zap2it. However I know a number of 
> people who after seeing my mythbox would love for me to build one for 
> them, and I'm not sure if I could explain to them why Zap2it needs them 
> to subscribe and fill out surveys.
> Venky Raju wrote:
>> I concur. This is win-win for both us and Zap2It.
>> Venky
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>>>> I live in the US of A and I was wondering if it is possible to 
>>>> configure
>>>> myth to get TV data from somewhere that requires neither a subscription
>>>> or a survey. I don't mind too much if It means I have to get the data a
>>>> bit slower.
>>> I think you'll find that the xmltv and mythtv coders (and most users)
>>> are more interested in keeping up the good terms with zap2it than
>>> spending the time writing (and maintaining) a screen scraper for another
>>> service -- it's somewhat counterproductive -- zap2it is giving us
>>> exactly what we want.  It's not about the time required to wait for a
>>> screen scraper, it's about struggling against the listings providers
>>> versus working with them.
>>> Granted, I'm sure that you're welcome to write your own, but at least
>>> for me, I'm more than happy to fill out their little 3-question "which
>>> PVR software do you use, and how is the weather today?" (oh, and the
>>> ever-important "what can we do to make this service better?") survey
>>> every few months instead of paying $12-15 monthly for Tivo or Replay.
>>> -Chris
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