[mythtv-users] We don't need no stinking surveys!

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Jul 5 16:55:18 EDT 2004

> I live in the US of A and I was wondering if it is possible to configure 
> myth to get TV data from somewhere that requires neither a subscription 
> or a survey. I don't mind too much if It means I have to get the data a 
> bit slower.

I think you'll find that the xmltv and mythtv coders (and most users) 
are more interested in keeping up the good terms with zap2it than 
spending the time writing (and maintaining) a screen scraper for another 
service -- it's somewhat counterproductive -- zap2it is giving us 
exactly what we want.  It's not about the time required to wait for a 
screen scraper, it's about struggling against the listings providers 
versus working with them.

Granted, I'm sure that you're welcome to write your own, but at least 
for me, I'm more than happy to fill out their little 3-question "which 
PVR software do you use, and how is the weather today?" (oh, and the 
ever-important "what can we do to make this service better?") survey 
every few months instead of paying $12-15 monthly for Tivo or Replay.


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