[mythtv-users] mythtv+pvr250+pcHDTV and it WORKS

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Jul 5 10:29:15 EDT 2004

John Roberts wrote:

> When I watch ABC (which is 720p) it's fantastic - nothing but a
> fantastic ATSC signal. BUT - when I watch CBS and NBC I can see (what
> I think is) an interlace effect.  In other words I can see the scan
> lines when objects are moving. So - since CBS and NBC are 1080i - I'm
> thinking it much be the difference between the two ATSC formats. How
> can I correct this?  I'm using an nVidia 5500 with XvMC enabled
> feeding my Samsung DLP (Progressive display) at 720p (1280x720p -
> which is the native mode/size for the TV).

Yes, you're seeing interlaced effects.  If you were using normal Xv 
output you could use one of the deinterlacing filters on your 1080i 
channels (onefield, linearblend (the default), or kerneldeint (probably 
too much CPU for HDTV).  But since you're using XvMC, it should 
automatically be giving you the equivalent of onefield.  If you run 
'mythfrontend --verbose playback' do you see a line like this:?

   2004-07-05 10:20:08 Interlaced: 1  video_height: 1088  fps: 29.97

If you don't, something's wrong with the interlaced/non-interlaced 
detection.  If you do, and it's still showing interlaced artifacts, 
something's wrong with the output side of things.

This is all assuming you've got a moderately recent MythTV (0.15.1, or 
CVS, preferably).

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