[mythtv-users] RE: nvidia new drivers hdtv/interlacing, any benefit for us non HDTV people?

Chris Vargas ceenvee at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 4 20:28:54 EDT 2004

--- bjm wrote:

> >If I'm understanding things correctly, interlaced 
> >TV Out (via composite or s-video) should be very 
> >useful,
> It's not a matter of it might be "useful", it is a 
> pre-requsite.

Sorry, let me rephrase. I do understand that
ultimately, the signal going out of the TV out has to
be interlaced in order to work correctly. We're not
talking progressive scan HDTVs here, we're talking

The thing that is apparently not happening, is that
the drivers (or the video circuitry of the card
itself, or both) are not letting the interlaced signal
_pass through_ to the interlaced output of the card.
Therefore, fields are not being maintained, and
therefore the video image is affected. Some people
seem to be able to see this, some don't. 

Again, at least with the PVR-x50, the fields are
definitely there and maintained. I think what many
people see as "better quality" with the PVR-350's
video out is probably its ability to passthrough
interlaced video properly.

Hope this clears things up.

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