[mythtv-users] Xvid4 and Nuvexport

Tom Craddock sigtom at sigtom.com
Sun Jul 4 16:05:53 EDT 2004



Ive read thru the gossamer threads on this issue as much as I could,
searching with multiple keywords and phrasing, and no luck.  I am trying to
use nuvexport, have installed the latest ffmpeg as of Sun July 4, 2004 off
of the apt-get sources list from Axels ATRpms.  When I set it up to
transcode, this is what it has to say 



What would you like to do with your recording?


         Show:  Reno 911!

      Episode:  Untitled

      Airtime:  7/4, 12:30 AM


  1. Export to SVCD (disabled)

  2. Extract .nuv and .sql

  3. Export DivX

  4. Export WMV

  5. Export to VCD (disabled)

  6. Export to DVD (disabled)

  7. Export OGM (CLI support) (disabled)

  8. Export to MP3 (disabled)

  9. Transcode export to XviD

 10. Transcode export to VCD (disabled)

 11. Transcode export to SVCD


  r. Return to episode menu

  q. Quit


Choose a function:  9

Where would you like to export the files to? [.] /tvshows

Output filename?  [Reno 911!.avi]

/tvshows/Reno 911!.avi exists.  Overwrite? [No] no

Output filename?  [Reno 911!.avi] Reno.avi

Enable Myth cutlist? [Yes]

Audio bitrate? [64] 384

Video bitrate? [512] 1024

Horizontal resolution? [320] 480

Vertical resolution? [240] 480

Enable noise reduction (slower, but better results)? [No] Yes

Enable deinterlacing? [Yes] Yes

[tcprobe] MPEG program stream (PS)

transcode v0.6.12 (C) 2001-2003 Thomas Oestreich, 2003-2004 T. Bitterberg

[transcode] (probe) suggested AV correction -D 2 (66 ms) | AV 66 ms | 0 ms

[transcode] auto-probing source
/tvshows/1061_20040704003000_20040704010000.nuv (ok)

[transcode] V: import format    | MPEG-2  (V=mpeg2|A=vob)

[transcode] V: AV demux/sync    | (1) sync AV at initial MPEG sequence

[transcode] V: import frame     | 480x480  1.00:1  encoded @ 4:3

[transcode] V: zoom             | 480x480  1.00:1 (Lanczos3)

[transcode] V: bits/pixel       | 0.148 (low)

[transcode] V: decoding fps,frc | 29.970,4

[transcode] V: Y'CbCr           | YV12/I420

[transcode] A: import format    | 0x50    MPEG layer-2 [48000,16,2]  384

[transcode] V: video buffer     | 10 @ 480x480

[import_vob.so] v0.6.0 (2003-10-02) (video) MPEG-2 | (audio) MPEG/AC3/PCM |


[import_mpeg2.so] v0.4.0 (2003-10-02) (video) MPEG2

[filter_skip.so] v0.0.1 (2001-11-27) skip all listed frames

[filter_skip.so] skipping frames 14870-21233 32736-36835 45789-51218

[filter_smartdeinter.so] v2.7b (2003-02-01) VirtualDub's smart deinterlacer

[filter_yuvdenoise.so] Using extended MMX SIMD optimisations.

[filter_yuvdenoise.so] v0.2.1 (2003-11-26) mjpegs YUV denoiser

[export_xvid4.so] v0.0.5 (2003-12-05) (video) XviD 1.0.x series (aka API
4.0) |

(audio) MPEG/AC3/PCM

[import_vob.so] tccat -i "/tvshows/1061_20040704003000_20040704010000.nuv"
-t vo

b -d 0 -S 0 | tcdemux -a 0 -x mp3 -S 0 -M 1 -d 0 | tcextract -t vob -a 0 -x

-d 0 | tcdecode -x mp2 -d 0

[import_mpeg2.so] tcextract -x mpeg2 -i

0000.nuv" -d 0 | tcdecode -x mpeg2 -d 0 -y yv12

[export_xvid4.so] Neither './xvid4.cfg' nor '~/.transcode/xvid4.cfg'

[export_xvid4.so] found. Default settings will be used instead.

(decode_mpeg2.c) video write failed.

------------------------End nuvexport---------------


When I do 


$locate xvid4.cfg 


I get 




So I know I have the file its looking for and in the correct place.  I read
thru a couple of posts, and it suggest chaging your export_Trans_XviD.pm so
it says xvid4 instead of xvid, which Ive done, still no luck.  I also read
that I should try to run updatedb as root, which also affected no better
results. If anyone has some pointers for me, please let me know. I can
export to DivX, but I cant seem to find any settings which give me as close
to as good a copy as I cann see if I just watch the actual .nuv file.  




MythTV Box

FC1 (Followes Jarods Guide)

Mythtv 0.15.1


Installed ffmpeg, nuvexport.  






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