[mythtv-users] pvr-250mce problems with old asus p2b series MBs

gary garydawes at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jul 4 07:14:38 EDT 2004

Brennan wrote:

>I have an unfortunate problem.  I have two linux
>boxes, one, a single P3 running on an Asus P2B and
>another running a Asus P2B DS, with dual pIII 450s. 
>On both machines, with the most recent bios updates
>(still several years old) the hauppage pcr-250mce is
>not recognized.  On boot, when the system hardware is
>shown, just before OS boot, the card does not appear
>on either machine.  I've tried it in all PCI slots on
>both thinking is might be a bus master or competing
>interrupt problem, but still it is never seen.
>lspci doesn't show the card, /proc/pci et. al. doesn't
>show the card.  I'm running Mandrake 10 community, but
>I think the problem occurs before any OS is even
>loaded.  I know it is not the card as I've put it in
>my Abit AMD 1700+ machine running XP and it works just
>The only thing I can think of is that the P2B series
>runs all PCI cards on INT A.
>Has anyone seen this problem or had it work on this
>series of ASUS boards.
>You probably won't want to here this but..
I was working with one of these boards a while ago trying to knock up a 
standalone MP3 player (in the days before myth), and had similar 
problems wih PCi and interupts. Everything was fine under Windows

After a lot of digging about on the internet and usenet, I found a 
handful of posts claiming that these boards were optimised for Windows, 
and Linux wasn't happy as Linux was not as forgiving.
I dumped the board (aquired it for nothing) and swapped the cards into 
another box and started again - never finished it though.


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