[mythtv-users] Distorted sound on LiveTV

Michael Skaastrup Michael at Skaastrup.dk
Sun Jul 4 08:47:17 EDT 2004


I finally got my Myth setup running. On the Backend I have a Pinnacle
PCTV Rave on an Intel 815 chipset PIII. Running FC2 and  MythTV 0.15.1
I use the stock sound system in FC2, alsa.

Frontend is VIA Epia M10000(ezra), Minimyth 0.5.1

I have followed Jarod's guide and got it all working.

But one problem remains. I have very distorted sound from live TV.

I have tries adjusting audio volumes on the soundcard, but that does not

When listening to the sound output on the backend server, the sound is
ok, but when it has gone through MythTV it's distorted. Nomatter which
comp. i use as frontend, the sound is the same.

Can anyone help me figuring this out?

Michael Skaastrup

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