[mythtv-users] Live TV Pauses - Solved?

Kelly cayenne at cayennecomputing.com
Sun Jul 4 07:07:05 EDT 2004

I'm having this same type problem with skipping, etc.

I went into: frontend -> setup -> general -> audio output device

And the choices it presents me with are:

I don't have a choice of ALSA::Default  as a previous poster mentioned. I'm 
using MythTV version 0.15....

I didn't see anything about putting in ALSA::Default in the docs...are ya'll 
just typing this in place of the choices like I have above?

It appears there is part of this thread I didn't receive as that I just 
subscribed in the middle of it....am I missing something here?



On Saturday 03 July 2004 07:32 am, David wrote:
> Iain Waugh wrote:
> >> the problem of live TV
> >> jitter/slowness/pausing for me was solved by removing the ALSA::Default
> >> setting from the mythtv audio device setup.
> >
> > I've hunted for this option in all sorts of places, but I can't find
> > it - is it in 'mythsetup' or is it in the frontend?
> frontend -> setup -> general -> audio output device
> Note that you can (and, for ALSA, have to) type into this box :)
> Note also that this thread is about typing 'ALSA' into this box seems to
> break things for some people
> David

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