[mythtv-users] Where can I get rca.pl?

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Sat Jul 3 03:51:56 EDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 02, 2004 at 09:41:01PM -0700, Mike Jacobs wrote:
>I'm trying to setup MythTV box to control my Direct TV DRD435RH RCA
>receiver. I keep seeing references, here in the list, to
>tarek.2y.net/myth/RCA.pl but this site seems to be offline.  I've also seen
>some references to channelchange.pl. Can someone point me to an available
>location for these scripts?

I have the same receiver and I've got the script you want.  I found that the
one from the site you list above wasn't quite working for me, plus it didn't
clear the OSD.  I took the sony script and modified it to use the new RCA
codes (there are different codes for older RCA receivers).

You can get the script at:

Just rename it to .pl and it should work.  Near the top are some configurable
bits for serial device, baudrate, and OSD delay.  Aside from serial device, it
shouldn't need any modification.

If anybody wants to mirror this or link to it, feel free.

Here are the major differences between this script from the older RCA script
(some are my changes, some are due to the way the Sony script was written):

* Issue power on sequence before channel change attempt
* Use Perl's select command to delay rather than external usleep command
* Delay for 0.20 seconds after changing channel before clearing OSD.
  Otherwise the OSD won't actually clear.
* Use newer RCA code sequences.
* Use 9600 baud rather than 115200.

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