[mythtv-users] First setup, using PVR250, but, is jumpy...

Kelly cayenne at cayennecomputing.com
Sat Jul 3 01:54:38 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I've just gotten Myth working on a box I found not being used. It is a 
P3-600...256M ram. I'm running Gentoo linux with 2.6.5 kernel.

I have a PVR 250 as my capture card...and at this point am just sending the 
video to a monitor...will attempt to send to the TV once I get the last bugs 
ironed out. 

It appears my functionality is basically working...but, from what I'd read 
with the processor I have, and the PVR 250 I should be able to get the 
480x480 size pretty easy. However, I look and I'm using about 92% cpu when 
watching live tv. I have to drop it down to near 320x480 before it stops 
being choppy (picture and sound 'hiccuping')...I'm guessing this is where it 
is dropping frames?

Can someone give me some clues what to look for? I've checked and pretty much 
nothing else running in the background I don't need. I'm using KDE 3.2. Are 
there some settings or bit rates on parts of the setup I need to change or 

I've read other had pretty good luck at decent resolutions, with a P3 600 
processor...and I'm so noob, I just don't quite know where to look. Happy so 
far of just getting it working at all....

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions/links...


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