[mythtv-users] New nVidia driver

Jim Coates jcoates at jimcoates.com
Fri Jul 2 16:56:45 EDT 2004

> Do you have a good 540p modeline? I can't recall offhand what the exact
> procedure is, but more or less, double all the values, and you should wind
> with a 1080i modeline that produces similar placement as your 540p
> It worked for me going from 960x540p to 1920x540p, anyhow. I think it'd
> up for doubling the 540 also...

I'll try it, I am using your 960x540p modeline, just double all the values
and add interlaced at the end?

> > I am using a FX5200
> > connected to the tv via DVI so I can't use any of those cool tv-out
> > that nvidia has provided.  The tv is a Sony KP-57WV700.  If anyone has
> > alternative modelines for 1920x1080i, that'd be great.  I have used the
> > ones posted here and elsewhere and when I launch X, it looks like the
> > interlaced screens are off about 3/8" vertically which is hard to look
> > ;)

> So you get a solid picture, it just isn't perfectly placed? Fire up

No, it's not solid it looks like every other fram is 3/8" off vertically,
like a nasty flicker... can't read anything.  Placement is fine.

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