[mythtv-users] MX440/Radeon wars (Was: Hardware ideas)

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 2 16:36:29 EDT 2004

Hamish Moffatt wrote:

>To be honest I can't tell what I'm getting out of X. I have defined a
>800x600x50 mode, but I'm not using it yet. The X log tells me what valid
>modes exist:
>(**) NVIDIA(0): Validated modes for display device TV-0:
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "800x600": 50.0 MHz, 48.1 kHz, 72.2 Hz
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "640x480": 25.2 MHz, 31.5 kHz, 60.0 Hz
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Mode "800x600x50": 33.2 MHz, 31.4 kHz, 50.0 Hz
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "800x600": 40.0 MHz, 37.9 kHz, 60.3 Hz
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "800x600": 36.0 MHz, 35.2 kHz, 56.2 Hz
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "400x300": 25.0 MHz, 48.1 kHz, 72.2 Hz (D)
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "400x300": 20.0 MHz, 37.9 kHz, 60.3 Hz (D)
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "400x300": 18.0 MHz, 35.2 kHz, 56.3 Hz (D)
>(**) NVIDIA(0):      Default mode "320x240": 12.6 MHz, 31.5 kHz, 60.1 Hz (D)
>but doesn't say which one it is actually using, only:
>(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "800x600"
Which should read: Setting mode "800x60x50" if it was using the mode you 
defined yourself.
AFAIK X will try to setup the highest refresh rate your monitor can 
handle defined by the Vertical and Horizontal settings of your monitor 

>which could be any of 3 different refresh rates.
Another thing that interests me is the fact that the TV out chip can run 
at a totally different vertical refresh rate than the monitor output (at 
the same time)

On my Pundit I can run X in 800x600 at 75 Hz on my VGA monitor but the 
TV Output is running in 50 Hz PAL at the same time.

So you can adjust refresh rates anyway you like and still output in 
50/60 Hz on the TV-out.
The encoder chip does 50/60 Hz out regardless of what your  framebuffer  
refresh rate is...


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