[mythtv-users] shift/ctrl/alt + key keybindings (usb remote)

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 11:06:07 EDT 2004

Does it present itself to the OS as a proper USB HID device? HID devices 
are meant to work out of the box (you need kernel support for it).

You can use the hotkeys and/or xmodmap to edit and define what different 
keypresses do. If you want to know what keyboard codes your remote is 
using, try sing xmodmap in "scan" mode. Key presses should present 
themselves as a 3-digit code.

At 15:30 02/07/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>I've got a USB remote (from a TwinHan DVB-t card). As is probably the
>case with most of these USB remotes, they emulate a keyboard.
>I have got all the keystrokes for the buttons (except the power button),
>but two of them (vol+, vol-) are SHIFT-up and SHIFT-down. I would like
>to map these (in mythweb) but cannot find the correct words to use to
>describe the key combination. I've googled, and looked through the HOWTO
>to no avail.
>Any ideas?
>Ivan Beveridge  <ivan at dreamtime.org>
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