[mythtv-users] Can't get remote control to work right

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Fri Jul 2 06:59:25 EDT 2004

aslong at uark.edu wrote:

>Why does it matter which email client or browser I use?  
I was making an observation based on the fact that you obviously use 
linux, yet continue to expose yourself to worm and trojans by using 

>Why does most of the world pay for Windows when Linux is free and so "clearly superior"?  
Because they don't know any better.  Because there's nobody spending 
millions of dollars advertising to the masses?

>I prefer to use my "inferior" software when I use a windows box; it works well enough for me and does what I need it to do.  
And when the next worm gets you and a million others like you can we all 
that you for using something that was "good enough"?

>Many people I've met start getting over-zealous with OSS and tend to think that EVERYONE should start using whatever they use.  
I'm not one of those people.  However, since outlook and IE have been 
the the penetration point for numerous worms and trojans over the years, 
and new vulnerabilities are discovered almost weekly I do tend to wonder 
why someone who is aware that alternatives exist would continue to use 
them, risk infection, and cause even more copies of the latest virus to 
get emailed to me because they happen to have my email address in a 
mailbox someplace.

>I'll stick with my crappy non-open source outlook and explorer and whatever other non-"real" software I want until it no longer can suit my needs.  
I'd like to point out that your message, as well as the others who 
replied using Outlook, didn't end up in the threads they belonged in due 
to your choice in mail clients.  This choice impacts people who read 
this list (and might want to avoid reading this thread) as archival 
software for the mailing list.  So much like the worms and trojans OE/IE 
users expose the rest of the net to, your choice has an impact on others.

I could personally care less who makes what software.  Whether it's free 
or non-free doesn't matter.  I'm very much a "right tool for the job" 
kinda guy.  OE/IE stopped being the right tool for the job a LONG time ago.

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