[mythtv-users] New nVidia driver

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Thu Jul 1 09:38:25 EDT 2004

Doug Larrick wrote:

> Jim Coates wrote:
>>> For HDTV users: this new driver finally supports interlaced modes (i.e.
>>> 1080i).  Turn off overscan and set your video resolution to 1920x1080;
>>> you probably want to leave the GUI resolution at 960x540.  Here's my
>>> working modeline:
>> I'm confused, if you made a 1080i modeline, aren't you changing your 
>> gui to
>> 1920x1080i?  I don't really get the difference between video 
>> resolution and
>> gui resolution in X.
> I also have a 960x540 (progressive) modeline, and code I've recently 
> added to Myth allows using one for GUI and the other for video.  This 
> helps because the progressive mode avoids flicker in the GUI.  (It 
> helped even more when the alternatives were 1920x540p vs. 960x540p, 
> and the text in the GUI ended up tall & thin in the preferred video 
> mode.)
> BTW, when I wrote my description above I obviously had overscan on the 
> brain -- I meant "turn of deinterlacing".
> -Doug
Do you think it would make sense (if not already done) to have the patch 
switch modes (to 1080i) based on the channel / recording? I tried the 
1080i mode lastnight and although it looks good, the video is not as 
clear as before because of the extra video scaling it has to do. I run 
at 888x540 and it looks really good. I think we would want to switch to 
1080i only on channels or recordings that are from an HDTV source, or 
maybe DVD's.

- James

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