[mythtv-users] Via CLE266 (via-slice) HW acceleration problems (segfault)

Travis Kelley rhatguy at comcast.net
Thu Jul 1 01:52:32 EDT 2004

I'm using the onboard video out an rca jack to a tv.  I don't think its
accelerated properly, as my mythmusic visualizations skip.  It looks
great for tv though and NEVER skips.  I am using also audio.  One hang
up here is to make sure you configure myth to use alsa.  Its something
like ALSA:0,1,0 or somethign like that.  I'm not in front of my myth
machine right now to tell you the exact line but you can probably find
it in the archives somewhere.

I never could get tv out stable on the 350..thats why I'm using the
onboard.  Quality on the 350 might have been slightly better but the
stability with the onboard far outweighs the loss of quality.  Good
luck.  Let me know I can help.

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 18:24, Ivan A. Beveridge wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 03:18:13PM -0400, Travis Kelley wrote:
> > I have a m10000 with a pvr for input and it works great.  I would
> > suspect that its a kernel version/v4l thing.  I've had a couple of
> > different kernels and if the v4l patch doesn't exactly like the kernel
> > your using you can get all kinds of weird stuff.  Right now I'm running
> > a 2.6.5-gentoo-r1 kernel from the gentoo-dev-sources.  This kernel came
> > with the via patches and v4l stuff working.  I'd suggest trying a newer
> > or older version of the kernel first off.
> I didn't have any patch rejects when applying the 2.6.6-epia1 patch. I'm
> going to try a kernel with various things compiled-in (per epiawiki) to
> see if that makes any difference. I'm struggling to see what could be
> wrong, but definitely think it's kernel/v4l - it's pretty definitely not
> mythtv (for this).
> > If you are struggling with module loading order here is the way mine
> > loads.
> > 
> > via
> > via_v4l_drv
> > ivtv
> That's pretty much the same order for me (except I load lots of other 
> modules :) - agpgart, via_agp, via, via_v4l_drv, DVB-t stuff (which 
> doesn't use v4l).
> Out of curiosity, are you using the onboard CLE266 for hardware
> acceleration (through v4l) or are you using the ivtv PVRx50? Also, are
> you using ALSA audio (with 2.6 kernel)?
> Cheers
> Ivan

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