[mythtv-users] Auto-expire two files while recording two files

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Jan 31 17:57:32 EST 2004

> Once again I think we are getting two
> separate features munged together.
> MythTV does have an Auto Expire
> feature to to check periodically
> and maintain a minimum amount of
> free space. You can set this up in
> Setup->TV Settings->General on the
> second page.
> However, what has given you the blues
> is the "Maximum number of episodes to
> keep" on the advanced options page.
> For this feature, it cleans up when
> it starts recording one too many
> episodes which is separate from the
> periodic check to see if the disk is
> full.

Actually the "max episodes" check occurs at the top of the auto-expire loop
that runs every X minutes.  It checks for anything over it's "max" then
proceeds with the normal auto-expire procedure.  The "over max" is checked
first because to me it is higher priority than the setting which says "expire
this program if you need space."



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