[mythtv-users] Re: IR Blaster: lirc_sir on Fedora Core w/ATrpms

Emmanuel Hislen hislen at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 31 02:04:38 EST 2004

I had seen a mail in the archives about having lircd1 and lircd2, but it 
looked fishy to me at that time. Boy was I wrong.

It's wonderful, everything is working now, thank you so much !!!

I am sure you know how this little touch makes all the difference, now 
only I feel my setup is complete :-)

Maybe we should suggest the lirc developers to use some "#define" in 
some header file for the major device and io numbers.
Then everything could be automatic, at least until they come up with a 
solution for controlling 2 different devices,

Thanks again,


Robert W2 wrote:

>Some of you may find useful my Using an IR Blaster with MythTV howto, which you can find at:
>It takes you through the process from start to finish.
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