[mythtv-users] video stutters after changed configuration

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Fri Jan 30 12:30:54 EST 2004

Chris Germano wrote, On 1/30/2004 2:59 AM:
> I can't believe this is happening, but my video is stuttering slightly. 
> It's not just mythtv, but playback through mplayer also does it. I've 
> changed my hardware setup slightly, and I'm thinking that it's my ATA 
> card that is causing this. It can't handle 4 simultaneous streams it 
> looks like.
> RAID0 (software) 4x160GB drives
> Before (worked perfectly):
> Each had their own channel. 2 drives on a ATA 133 card and the other 2 
> on a ATA 100 drive.
> Now: (video stutters):
> All 4 drives are on the ATA 133 card, 2 per channel, maximizing the 
> card. UDMA is of course on.
> Any recommendations to fix this?

Double check that DMA is on using hdparm.  Keep in mind that anytime you 
start putting 2 disks on one IDE cable and ask to read from both disks 
at the same time (like in the RAID0 setup you've got), you're asking for 
problems.  Go back to your 4-channel setup.


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