[mythtv-users] PVR-250 and DirecTV

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So I thought I understood what you said, but
apparently my computer says differently.  Here is
my setup:
Wall -> Sat Receiver -> PVR 250 -> PC -> monitor

On step 4 of mythtvsetup, I had Tuner 0 mapped to
what I called Satellite and had the three channel
options set to 4.  When I do this, I can watch
TV, not able to record because PVR changes
channel to channel XX when I want to record.

I did the same setup except this time, I had
Satellite mapped to Composite 0.  The tuner still
changes the channel to XX channel for recording.

I don't follow what you mean by "cable into the
tuner input and my DirecTV into the composite
input"  Are you talking about the Step 4 in

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for new thread - on a different mailer.

Your answer depends partly on how you connected
your satellite into the
PVR.  If you used the tuner input, during
mythsetup there is an option to
keep the channel on that input to either 3/4.  In
my setup, I use the
cable into the tuner input and my DirecTV into
the composite input. As
there's no "channel" on composite, I tune the
satellite tuner with the
onboard channel preselect on my sat receiver and
the signal available on
the composite is what I want recorded.  You need
to take the audio RCA
plugs into a RCA to 3.5 stereo plug but those are
cheap and available at
any electronics shop.

Original message:

   I am having the opposite issue because I have
connected the
computer to an external receiver, DirecTV.  How
do I keep my PVR 250
on channel 4 (or 3 in my case)?  I don't have a
transceiver set-up
with my computer to change channels on the DTV
receiver.  For now, I
am changing channels directly on my DirecTV receiver.
   I have gotten MythTV to run (I can watch tv),
but I cannot record
TV.  Everytime I try to schedule a recording,
myth changes the tuner
(PVR-20) to XX channel and ends up recording
snow/static.  Once that
happens, I end up re-running mythtvsetup, redoing
/sbin/modprobe in
root because for some reason I lose sound,
log-out, log-in as mythtv
user, and I re-start mythfrontend.  How do I set
up mythtv so that it
does not change the PVR-tuner (keeps it on
channel 3) so that I can
watch TV or record TV?  I would like myth to
think that it changed
the channel to channel 12, 231, 292, 360 etc
without actually doing

Help, anyone.


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