[mythtv-users] sleep & wakeup

Christian Hoenig me at christianhoenig.de
Thu Jan 29 14:00:07 EST 2004


> > I've noticed that there are options in myth to set the machine to
> > shutdown and wakeup at a specific time to start recording.  Has anyone
> > got these setup and could give me a pointer as to what I have to do?  I
> > have no idea where to start or how to check if my HW/SW supports this.
> I had a brief look at them - they seem to be fairly useless if your
> backend and frontend are on the same box because the backend refuses to
> shutdown while the frontend's connected.

No. Yes.
It does refuse to shutdown when the FE is connected, because you don't want 
your system to shutdown all the time you watch tv or zap through the menus...
But it works very well on my system having FE and BE on the same machine!

You simply have to quit your FE and then the scheduler decides when to 
shutdown. I made this by design.

The docs for the Shutdown/Wakeup mechanism are kind of ready. I'll submit them 
today or tomorrow after Jon had a quick look at them.

take care, have fun

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