[mythtv-users] tv to dvd?

David W nospam1 at 3wlogic.net
Thu Jan 29 07:02:34 EST 2004

* Chris Germano <netslayer at hotmail.com> [2004-01-28 15:10:09 -0800]:

> mythdvd can play/rip a DVD and uses the mythtranscode code to convert it
> as far as I know. However there is no direct tv -> dvd at this time. I
> believe someone is working on that actually, there have been some
> discusions in the last day in the irc channel.
> If you want to do it manually download nuvexport
> http://forevermore.net/myth/. It's a script that allows you to select a
> show, then convert it. Be warned it has a lot of dependencies that might
> just error out if you don't have them installed. Converting to MPEG2 is
> extreamly slow also.
> As for the 2hrs, well that's a DVD specification. The spec allows for up to
> 6 hours at a low bitrate, so you can adjust things like that through
> nuvexport, just do some math.

Thanks for the info.  If I understand things correctly, since my PVR350 does
mpeg natively, I won't need nuvexport ... ?


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