[mythtv-users] Problems filling EPG data in database with --fileoption

Tom Grant tom_mythtv at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 05:50:11 EST 2004

>I've not managed to have mythfilldatabase merge channel entries from the 
>source (i.e. nxtvepg) and the --xawchannels option. Even --manual did not
>work. You get records from xmltv without a mapping to frequencies and 
>from --xawtvchannels with other programid and no xmltvid.
>I ended up with "zap"ping the complete database, mythsetup, 
>- --file 1 -1 nxtvepg.xml" and editing the channel table by hand. You have 
>fill in the missing values for channum, freqid and callsign. My channels
>table is in the attachment.

Thanks a lot, i got it to work correctly now  :-)

Someone else asked about getting EPG from 3sat: I can't get it from it, only 
from SF1 and an italian and french channel (Switzerland). I also tried to 
scan with "slow", but this didn't change anything. A friend told me, that 
Kabel1 is delivering very good EPG informations for most of the german 
channels. Can you get it from Kabel1?

Cheers Joe

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