[mythtv-users] SN41G2 - notsogood for Myth

David Zanetti dave2 at wetstring.net
Wed Jan 28 20:41:03 EST 2004

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On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Jon Waite wrote:

> Do what I did - contact Hauppauge US and they'll order you a PVR-350 direct
> from Singapore (with the correct PAL-B/G tuner for New Zealand). Total cost
> was NZ$350(ish) including about $50 for UPS delivery. Mine arrived within a
> week.

Hmm, that's almost a tollerable price. :) Thanks for mentioning it.

> Now I've just got to figure out where the hell I can find out information on
> the serial port on my Motorola DHT320 Sky Digital decoder box, get a serial
> link working and I'll be set...

Rumour has it (from other people with the Sky set top box), it's diag
only, no channel changing. However, if you're using Sky Digital, it's
DVB-S, so maybe a DVB-S card with a CA module would suffice? (And, you get
MPEG-2 without any re-encoding :) )

> Also I saw in another of your posts a reference to http://www.sky.co.nz/data
> - I *wish* I'd found that about 2 weeks ago :(

You might find this useful as well then:


It's an XSLT stylesheet to convert Sky's listings to XMLTV format. Feed it
to your favourite XSLT handler (eg, about 5 lnes of perl), and you're set.
I'm working on some shell scripts to fetch it + the TVNZ listings XML feed
(really ugly, and looks unofficial, but it's got to be nicer than parsing
the HTML from the normal nzoom pages..)

I'm 99% sure the XMLTV output is correct for both, but I had real problems
with tv_sort expecting them to have tags in a particullar order (!).

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