[-SPAM-] [mythtv-users] Question about nforce2 MB

Philip J. Morrison, Jr. pjmorr at intrasection.com
Wed Jan 28 15:23:28 EST 2004

Thanks everyone, I feel certain I will be able to get the thing running at
2GHz this evening and then get MythTV working.  The wife has already started
asking when she will be able to get to the shows from the computer in the
bedroom.  WAF is high for any DVR (except the Time Warner one)  And when I
told her that we will be able to record more than one channel at a time she
asked my why I was still sitting there talking and not working on it. :)


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On Wednesday 28 January 2004 10:37, Philip J. Morrison, Jr. wrote:
> I saw a great deal of people building mythtv boxes use nforce2


> so I bought one along with an AMD Athlon XP2400+ Processor Thoroughbred
> Core.

I'm running one w/a 2600.

> While building my mythtv box I encountered so many errors I actually
> reverted to Windows XP for a moment to check out some performance issues.
> XP shows the processor as AMD 1800+ 1.4Ghz instead of the 2400+ 2Ghz!!!
> Could they have sent me the wrong chip or should I check some jumpers on
> the motherboard?

Processor settings on any modern motherboard are controlled in the BIOS, not

with jumpers anymore. I'd suggest looking in your BIOS. There's a good
the board is falling back to the lowest possible bus speed, which when 
coupled with the clock multiplier results in a processor the board thinks is

an 1800.

I vaguely recall my secondary system (a 2400 like yours) initially running a

100MHz bus when first installed and showing up as an 1800. When I set the 
right bus speed (133MHz) in the BIOS, the chip was recognized properly as a 
2400. Its even more fun for faster procs (like my 2600, which has a faster 
bus ;-).

> I am going to take the chip out when I get home today and eyeball the
> processor to make sure but I figured I would post the question to the
> to see if anyone has heard of this problem before..

Technically, this question has nothing to do with MythTV, but... It should
on the chip die somewhere what it is supposed to be, but I'm guessing its
right chip.

- -- 
Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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