[mythtv-users] [OT] dell optiplex vs dimension forbackend/frontend

Roger Obando roger at blitzds.com
Wed Jan 28 13:33:52 EST 2004

I think I have but I'll give it another try...I'm thinking it might have
something to do with the XFree86 config file cuz I haven't changed
anything in there...


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In our last episode, Roger Obando expounded:
> I'm running my myth box on a Dimension 8100 and it was a breeze to
> install with Fedora.  The PVR350 works great with the ivtv drivers and
> the video out can be worked out in not too much time...now if I could
> only get the OSD to display on my TV-out I'd be set :)

Did you modprobe the ivtv-fb driver?  (I also have "alias
ivtv-fb" in my modules.conf")  At one point, I thought I'd messed up and
killed the OSD somehow, then I remembered I hadn't put that driver
back in after a reboot.

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