[mythtv-users] UK TV Listings source - bleb.org

Mark Cooper mythtv-users at mcooper.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 10:49:18 EST 2004

Ivor Hewitt wrote:
>>He is currently after anyone who could help out creating a
>>tv_grab_uk_bleb XMLTV grabber ...
> Why not just run an xslt translation over his xml format to create xmltv files 
> directly?

I've no idea what XSLT translation is to be honest ;P

To quote from his tvdevel postin:-

> There are two alternatives:
>     1) A new "tv_grab_uk_bleb" is written which takes the XML available
>        on bleb.org and transcodes it into XMLTV. This could use a
>        theoretically zipped version of the current listings so that only
>        one HTTP request was required.
> or  2) A complete (perhaps compressed) XMLTV file was available -
>        perhaps generated programatically using the transcoding CGI
>        previously discussed. "tv_grab_uk_bleb" basically then downloads
>        this file.



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