[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend and Mythbackend using 100% cpu

Shane Warren swlists at mit.midco.net
Wed Jan 28 09:16:25 EST 2004

I'm wondering if anyone is seeing the same problem as I'm having.  I 
have the cvs of mythtv as of  Jan 25th, 2004.  Also running ivtv 0.1.9 
the latest release as of the 25th.  My hardware is as follows:

2 PVR250MCE encoder cards
GF4MX440 graphics card
AMD 2500+ cpu, 512M ram, nforce2 MB

I have everything up and running fine 
(mythtv,dvd,news,weather,video,music) and I can watch and record TV 
fine.... at least for a while.  When I leave the box after firing up 
live TV and come back to it hours later (lets say 4-8 hours not sure how 
long it takes for this to happen) the audio/video is choppy and behind 
real-time by quite a bit.  Now if I ssh into the box and check the cpu 
w/ top, I see the mythbackend and mythfrontend are competing for the 
CPU, mythfrontend using ~49% and mythbackend using ~49%.  At this point 
I always have to kill the mythfrontend process then restart it, and 
everything is happy again until I start live tv and leave it on for a 
couple hours again.  It doesn't appear to be an ivtv problem since I get 
no kernel logs reported while this is happening.  I have tried turning 
every conceivable option on/off related to TV and it seems to not make 
any difference.  Can anyone offer any suggestions please?



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