[mythtv-users] Modelines/Video timings

Curtis Wood curtis at penguinbrat.com
Wed Jan 28 02:27:01 EST 2004

Maybe we do have similar sets - that 1920x540 I have availiable also,
but your right in that it is a little to funky for use - especially
under Myht... I dont know, Ive got a small 8 gig drive I ripped out of
an XBOX that Im going to try and get windoze working again just so I can
get the mode lines - I think I was able to to 1920x1080 on her before...

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 01:02, Jarod C. Wilson wrote:

> On Jan 27, 2004, at 22:08, Gerald Gryschuk wrote:
> > Well I've just spent two days trying to get Powerstrip to output a
> > signal that my TV would use correctly. I'm about to give up and move on
> > to something else but I thought I would try here first for a possible
> > solution.
> >
> > The situation is that I'm trying to output video to my Panasonic HDTV
> > using a VGA to 3 component video adapter at greater than 640x480. My
> > specs are as follows,I have both an nvidia and ATI video cards and I
> > don't care which one I use to make this work
> >
> >
> > Panasonic HDTV PT-47WX52CF
> > NVIDIA GeForce MX440 64MB from MSI or ATI Radeon 9200 SE 128MB from
> > Saphire
> > Key Digital Systems ClearColor3 VGA to 3 Component video adapter
> > ABIT KV7 Motherboard
> > 512 MB
> > AMD Athlon 2600+
> >
> > If anyone has suggestions for Modelines that should make this work I'd
> > appreciate hearing from you. Please note which video card they are for.
> Your TV model is very close to mine. I'm not certain the exact model 
> I've got, but its a 47" Panasonic. I use an Audio Authority 9A60 VGA to 
> component video adapter and GeForce 4 MX (nForce2 onboard), feeding the 
> TV a 960x540p mode. You can see my whole XF86Config here:
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/XF86Config-HD.txt
> There's also a 1920x540p mode, but it looks funky. I've heard from 
> someone that nVidia is working on possibly bringing back the ability to 
> output interlaced modes, so 1920x1080i might be possible in the future, 
> but not just yet...
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