[mythtv-users] Epia as Myth platform?

Larry Matter mythtv2 at matter.net
Tue Jan 27 15:33:43 EST 2004

> Ultimately, I'd like a system that has two frontends and a single fat
> backend.

Me too.

> 1. Does the CLE266 provide good playback (either using the VIA binaries or
> Ivor's source code drivers).

It does now, with the latest changes to MythTV and with the latest open
source drivers.

> 2. Does live TV streaming really work well enough to rely on (so as to
> have a room 'TV' that does not have a conventional TV tuner). I have a 100
> Mbs wired network or would it be better to put a tuner in each frontend
> (making it a combined frontend/backend) and choosing something like a
> Pundit or even a quiet ATX mobo

It works fine as long as you don't change the channel :-).  But this I
find true with just about any frontend.  For reasons which have been
discussed at great length on this list, changing the channel can take a
few seconds.  You also have the burden of the on screen display (OSD), and
when it is transitioning it can make the playback on the EPIA stutter a
bit.  Folks have recommened browse mode, haven't tried that yet.

You will probably fine as I have that once you start recording shows, live
TV almost becomes a thing of the past.

You might want to take a look at my website which is all about
mythfrontend on EPIA M's.  http://linpvr.org


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