[mythtv-users] PCTV pro mythbackend changing NTSC to Pal-NC...yes I used setup...

Nic Thomas amonre at orcimsoft.org
Tue Jan 27 03:56:25 EST 2004

OK here is my setup...two mythtv boxes.
The master has a PVR-250 with ivtv.
The second box is setup as a slave to the master. The slave uses NFS mounts
from the master and uses the master's MySQL database.

The slave box has a PCTV Pro from pinnacle studio. I first tried this card in
the master but soon found out that running ivtv with bttv on the same box
doesn't work at all. Please tell me if I am wrong about this. I have heard
about a patch from this mailing group but I have not been able to find it
myself. If you have gotten a PCTV Pro and a PVR-250 to work on the same box
please let me know.

I have the slave setup fine. I have OSS sound setup to record from the line
 in and I've muted the line in. A patch cable goes from the tuner card to the
 sound card (i81x). When the system boots up and loads the bttv module and
 never runs the mythbackedn proggy everything works. I can view stations fine
 on xawtv. If I exit xawtv and start mythbackend...mythbackend changes the
 tuner settings from...
TV norm : NTSC
Video source: Television
Audio mode: stereo

TV norm: PAL-NC
Video source: unknown
audio mode: mon

I can tell this because after running mythbackend I can run xawtv and see the
changes it made. Mythfrontend will run on the slave and try to capture
video...however nothing will work on the slave till I reset the tuner to NTSC
using xawtv. Then mythfrontend works fine. I've tried scavanging tracing
through the source code and ended up in the libs/libmythtv/channel.cpp file
on line 171. I'm assuming that this is where the card is set with the wrong
config but I do not know enough about v4l or mythtv to be able to tell beyond
the half hour I spent looking.

Here are my settings on the mythtvslave box with the pctv pro card using the
setup proggy
IP address for slave:
Master IP address:
TV format: NTSC
VBI format: NTSC closed caption
channel frequency table us-bcast

I've tried changing the TV format in mythtv setup program to several other tv
formats but each time it defaults to the Pal-NC mode.

My bttv module stuff...
#PCTV Pro card using bttv
alias char-major-81 videodev
alias char-major-81-0 bttv
options bttv card=11 radio=0 pll=0
options tuner type=33 debug=1

my tuner type is indeed 33...universal. Selecting tuner type 2 produces no

Again I would like to point out that the system works fine. I can use the
 card in other linux proggies like xawtv. I can even use the card in mythtv
 when the card is set back to the correct parameters. It seams obviously
 clear that there is a problem with the backend configuration...however the
 setup program shows the correct settings...

Please help!


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