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Torsten Schenkel torsten.schenkel at web.de
Mon Jan 26 16:54:23 EST 2004

Am Mo, den 26.01.2004 schrieb steve at nexusuk.org um 19:46:

> I'm thinking of getting a 350 at some point but wouldn't mind 
> clarification from the techies who own 350's as to whether it will ever 
> get XV support since I like to use my Myth box to play various AVI's and 
> MPEGs as well as running Myth.

Don't know if there will be an Xv layer on top of it all, but what will
eventually be there is YUV playback (just as you can bypass the encoder
to get YUV from /dev/video32 the firmware has the option to bypass the
decoder and display YUV data) so you can decode in software and display
the decoded video via the 350's TV out. So essentially that's an Xv
equivalent. It's not in the driver yet and I won't hold my breath. It
will be sometime after the 0.2. version. Mind, I'm not an ivtv developer
myself. Arvi from the MPlayer team has already announced an mplayer
patch to support the 350 when this feature is in the driver.

IIUC the ivtv driver is made for absolutely undocumented hardware (from
what I heard it's not Hauppauge that's to blame but Conexant. IIRC
Hauppauge donated a PVR350 the the project, there's rumours  about a
driver version that had debugging in it :-) )   

Walkthrough: MythTV on Epia with PVR350 using Debian:
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