[mythtv-users] Rethinking Xbox-Myth

Real Name jspencer at crosslink.net
Mon Jan 26 13:08:16 EST 2004

I keep my xbox updated with latest cvs.  I edited myth.tgz and
myth_rootfs images so /root and /usr/local point to a nfs mount.
Edited the /etc/fstab to mount the nfs mount point. Compiled vnc
and set it to to auto run. Edited host table/resolv.conf.

Having /root point to a nfs share allows the themecache to be saved and
you can edit the startup files easy.  Having /usr/local you get
increased space for mythtv and you can update without having to ftp.

To compile latest cvs on  the xbox you need to edit some of the files
compile properly.  Need to add #include <cmath> on a few and make some
explicit declarations.  Also for mythmusic you need to add the tiff
libs and headers.

All in all I find it easy to keep the xbox up to date with lastest cvs.
 The compiling on the xbox takes forever though.  I just need to learn
how to compile a new kernel so I can get a nice bootsplash and I would
like to add a few of the advanced buttons to the usb xbox-ir (if
possible, like pip etc)

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> duane>>    [... NFS mounting...]
> dennis> This will work fine for experienced Linux users ... most xbox
> 	users tend to be of a less experienced nature. 
> I think it is on a par with your steps (6 of one, half-dozen of the
> other). Can you detail more the process you go through to:
> a) build this distribution and the associated tar files....
> b) the complete install procedure - assuming you start with the mech
>    installer. Your existing setup assumes you know quite a bit of
>    how-to already.
> Certianly once an NFS ROOT solution is in place, enduser/newbie
> xbox-myth updating is a very simple process - basically - unpack the
> new distribution file(s) into a specific directory. Then perhaps use
> symbolic or hard link to specify the "current" version to use.
> Kernel updates - might be a bit tougher but I think there is less
> activity there, as they have to be dropped on the xbox by other
> However, that is a single file that needs to updated.
> richie: >> Incidentally, regarding ftp'ing to the box - when should
> 	   this be done?  Are you supposed to boot into emergency
> 	   linux after the mechinstaller has done its trick, and just
> 	   slap the files onto the /mnt/E drive?
> Thats the part that has me confused too. The install procedure
> you know quite a bit about how to install xbox linux 'from scratch'
> vrs an automated installer.
> In my case, I need to tweak a number of these files to match my
> environment.... I think others do to. Hence, my 6-of-one view point.
> dennis> Having said that, I would welcome more involvement from other
> 	people in the xbox frontend specific version.
> Yes, I want to help do this - if not do this version my self.
> -Duane.

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