[mythtv-users] Rethinking Xbox-Myth

Richie Jarvis richie at helkit.com
Mon Jan 26 07:06:06 EST 2004

Dennis Cartier wrote:

> Richie Jarvis wrote:
>> I looked at the distro, and it consistantly refers to 0.11 & 0.12 - I 
>> am running 0.13 on my backend atm.  Also, the method for getting it 
>> onto the xbox seemed a little vague.
> 0.13 is on the website (and was announced on this list).
Yeah - I just found it - it is missing on one of the mirrors (the one I 
picked - d'oh!) - Thanks....

Incidentally, regarding ftp'ing to the box - when should this be done?  
Are you supposed to boot into emergency linux after the mechinstaller 
has done its trick, and just slap the files onto the /mnt/E drive?

Thats the bit I don't quite understand.....



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