[mythtv-users] Working Nova-T DVB-T systems?

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Mon Jan 26 03:04:58 EST 2004

Hi David,

Yes that's about the state I've got mine into (without the audio 
problem), but if I leave mythbackend running for any ammount of time the 
machine hangs.  I'd figured it was a bug in the pre 2.4.23 kernel but I 
guess your setup may have the same problems its just they havn't shown 
up yet.

If you do manage to run it without problem..


David Willis wrote:
> Maybe not quite working but the system I've been working on uses 2.4.21 
> default kernel from SuSE 9 with no patches and the DVB drivers (not 
> dvb-kernel) from CVS dated a couple of weeks ago and mythtv of a similar 
> vintage. Was able to tune the Nova-t and record stuff but not play it 
> back in mythtv. Worked with dvbtune and dvbstream to mplayer. No more 
> info at the moment as it's my mate's pc and the mobo had to go back due 
> to lack of sound...

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