[mythtv-users] Help!, DVB kernel loclup

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Sun Jan 25 05:28:28 EST 2004

Lo there,

Well I burned a little midnight oil last-night and tried the latest and 
greatest testing Fedora 2 Core (2.6.1-1.52). Didn't work out as I never 
escaped boot up. Got as far as "Lost interupt" when attempting to 
identify/initilize my SATA drive (VIA Southbridge 8237).

I did have a go at compiling up the dvb-kernel code for 2.4.22 kernel 
but I my machine locked up when I left mythbackend running overnight. So 
Exactly the same problem methinks.

So no joy..


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		-- Quintus Ennius

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